Texas Riogrande Legal Aid

We`re here to see how we can help you deal with legal issues. To be eligible for TRLA`s free legal services, an applicant must meet income, asset, and immigration requirements set forth by the U.S. Congress, Texas Legislature, and other funding sources. TRLA will always try to find a source of funding that allows for representation for people who cannot afford to pay for a private lawyer. In some cases, such as domestic violence, evictions, or service of court documents, you may need immediate legal help. Texas RioGrande Legal Aid receives many more calls through the hotline every day than they can answer, especially calls related to family law issues. Thousands of migrants continue to be arrested and detained along the border. The TRLA continues to fight for justice. 316 South Closner Blvd Edinburgh, TX 78539 USA Please contact us immediately. Be sure to inform the admissions officer of any urgent deadlines. All conversations are confidential. Please report any corrections to this organization`s information. Examples of pressing issues include, but are not limited to: TRLA serves the people of Texas to ensure that a fair chance of justice for those who need it most is never out of reach.

For other languages, interpreters are available on request. Learn about some of the most common worker rights in Texas. The guidelines are complicated, but trained intake officers will be the first step in the process. Applicants are asked a variety of questions about income, assets, and citizenship or immigration status to determine if they qualify. To begin the application process, visit How to Apply. Client applications are reviewed based on financial eligibility and other requirements. Customers who are unsure if they are eligible for our services can call the phone number above. Check-in hours are the hours during which the office can take calls to potentially take on new cases.